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Create a Google friendly foundation for your ideal prospects to easily find you  online.

Lift The Veil of secrecy on  your market and competition using Data Analysis.

Guide your visitors down the path of the Buyer’s Journey, using compelling content. Tapping prospect emotions to encourage conversions

Get Our Proprietary Linkedin Lead Generation Blueprint. With Tools and Scripts For Ad Free Conversions.

We Guide Your Prospects Step by Step Along The Buyer’s Journey. With Hi-Value content, FB Ads and Retargeting.


Set up Your Google/Bing Ad accounts and Ad Sets to So you can Generate Leads & Sales. Driving Your Digital Marketing ROI.

Deploy and Understand the Impact of Continuous Testing with Marketing Ideas, Accelerate Your Revenue Growth.

At KV Digital Marketing, We Offer Data-Driven Solutions, and Proven Systems. We Manage and Monitor Your Campaigns to Drive Your Digital Marketing ROI

Kenneth Ford started his career as a Marine Reserve Officer, flying KC-130’s out of MCAS Cherry Point, NC. He Followed his service with a 30 year (and counting) track record of successful sales and marketing in both B2C and B2B markets. He has created marketing campaigns for companies operating both online and off. Driving leads and sales with direct sales, direct mail, email, paid advertising and organic social methodologies. His freelance consulting career spans 2 of the 3 decades he’s spent in the civilian work force.

Kenneth Ford

Chief Marketing Officer

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About Vivian So

Vivian was born in Hong Kong. She moved to Victoria, BC at age 13 in 1996 with her parents and her younger brother . In July 2014, she relocated to Markham, Ontario with her family.

Born into a business family, Vivian has always wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps.

Although her family was negative towards her  about starting a business on her own, she formed SSMarketingPro.com on November 2016.

In April 2019, she co-founded KVDigitalMarketing.com with her business partner Kenneth Ford. KVDigitalMarketing.com is  a digital agency that is focused on providing holistic funnel planning services.

For more information about Vivian, please visit her LinkedIn @ http://www.linkedin.com/in/vivianso

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